Biden To Ban Travel To and From Florida?

This cannot to be happening.

Senator Predicts Trump To Be Utterly Betrayed By GOP?

Lets pray that Republicans stand firm.

Nadler Refuses Pledge Of Allegiance To Be Recited


House Republicans vote to keep Liz Cheney in leadership

House Republicans on Wednesday voted 145-61 to keep Rep. Liz Cheney as…

George W. Bush Stabs Trump And GOP In The Back

This is such a shame.

INFURIATING: John Kerry Attempts To Make Fools Of The GOP

These people are lying through their teeth!

Biden’s Horrendous First Week Exposed

This guy just isn’t fit to serve the nation.

RINO Slanders Trump-Supporting Republicans

Who knew the GOP had some many spineless Republicans.

Tucker Carlson Releases Bombshell Internal Memo

Things just keep getting worse!

With Trump Out, Pelosi Leverages Her Unlimited Power

She’s already made some BOLD claims.