CNN’s Sickening Attack On Trump

This is the president they are talking about.

Obama Attempts To Target White Males

This is race baiting at its finest.

SHAME: Fox Tells Trump His Time Is Over

We have learning a lot about Fox News in recent days.

Traitor Paul Ryan Returns, Targets Trump

All the RINOs crawling out of their caves now.

Republican Brands Trump As “National Embarrassment?”

Some Republicans have been downright shameful at this point.

Citizens Kick Governor and Sheriff to The Curb. LITERALLY!

Everyone needs to see this video!

Obama Kicks Trump When He’s Down

This man has no class.

UH-OH: Biden Has Health Scare On Stage

Welcome to 2020 folks.

BIG: Pelosi Declares End To Her Role As House Speaker?

Here’s what she said…

GOP Governor Screws Over Own Citizens, Lockdowns Begin

When will these RINO’s be stopped?