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Biden Blames Who For Border Crisis?


This downright pathetic and embarrassing.

On Sunday, Alejandro Mayorkas, President Biden’s Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, shockingly blamed the escalating migrant crisis to the lack of support from Congress and argued that the Biden administration is making every possible effort to address the issue within a flawed immigration system.

According to Fox, almost two weeks after testifying before the House Homeland Security Committee, where he consistently asserted that the U.S. border is “secure,” Mayorkas reiterated his stance during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” It was during this interview that he made the aforementioned remarks about the migrant crisis and Congress.

During his interview, Mayorkas shockingly lied and said, “We are seeing a level of migration not just at our southern border, but throughout the hemisphere, that is unprecedented.”

According to Mayorkas, immigration reform legislation proposed by President Biden was a “solution” to the crisis that was provided “on day one” of his term. He placed the responsibility for the slow response on Congress.


Mayorkas praised the Biden administration for its efforts within the limitations of a flawed immigration system, stating “We are doing so much.”

Mayorkas went on to explain the administration’s strategy, which is centered on constructing legal channels for migration and eliminating the need for people to turn to dangerous smugglers. This will provide individuals with access to humanitarian aid without having to undertake perilous journeys from their home countries. However, Mayorkas also made clear that the administration will impose consequences on those who arrive at the southern border between ports of entry.

Once again, Mayorkas pointed the finger at the “completely broken immigration system,” citing the existence of a backlog of over 2 million immigration cases that has been increasing “year over year over year.”

It’s downright insane to watch Biden and his crumby administration blame Congress for the border he single-handedly destroyed. 2024 is just around the corner voters need to be more unified than ever before to ensure that Biden is voted out of the Oval Office.