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Biden Fakes Border Visit?


It’s just too late.

President Biden is visiting the U.S. southern border however a number of Republicans, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, is suggest that it is all fake and just for show because no meaningful change will come from it.

According to Newsmax, a group of Texas Republican told media sources, “All he’s going to do down there is rearrange the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. He’s not going to achieve any solutions that will make the border safer, more secure, and stop illegal immigration.”

President Biden is finally visiting the southern border after years of avoiding it and acting like millions of illegals haven’t already poured into the country because of his faults.


During his border trip, President Biden is expecting to discuss migration and the increased trafficking of fentanyl along with a number of other drugs coming into the United States.

Abbott condemned Biden’s border “photo op” and said, “There are things under current law that Biden can and must do. One is he shall detain and stop the release of people crossing the border illegally. Second, he should be prosecuting those who cross the border illegally, which he is currently authorized to do. Third, he needs to aggressively reinforce the remain in Mexico as well as Title 42 policies that federal counts have required him to do.”

Abbott also noted that Biden’s decision to visit the border comes “two years too late and about $20 billion short of what needs to be done.

“He needs to talk to the thousands of Texans who live on the border whose lives have been destroyed by his policies, but he’s not going to talk to anybody like that,” Abbott added.