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Biden Gets Busted Big Time

This is shocking!

It has now been discovered by Breitbart News that internal emails at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) were made that confesses President Biden and the DHS allowed covid-19 positive illegals to enter the United States.

Furthermore the emails between Border Patrol (BP) officials found that border crossers and illegal aliens who tested positive for the virus were then released into the state of Arizona!

According to Breitbart, on July 26 five females who attempted to cross the border were apprehended and tested. Some of the females tested positive and then they were sent via bus from DHS custody to the Monte Vista Church.

The email even went as far as saying:

Please ensure that you will take all of the required precautions, including wearing masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and any other personal protective equipment (PPE) that you think essential. [Emphasis added]”

“This bus will be transported directly to the NGO and will not be stopping at PHO ERO, they will already be served by Yuma BP due to being COVID+. [Emphasis added]”

Breitbart found multiple emails like the one above explaining how President Biden’s DHS sent illegals who were covid-19 positive all over the southern United States.

When asked for a comment about the shocking discovery a spokesperson for the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said, “If anyone exhibits signs of illness in CBP custody, they are referred to local health systems for appropriate testing, diagnosis, and treatment. CBP takes its responsibility to prevent the spread of communicable diseases very seriously. We value our partners in local communities whose work is critical to moving individuals safely out of CBP/USBP custody and through the appropriate immigration pathway.”