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Biden Chickens Out

Biden Chickens Out


Biden couldn’t look worse.

During a recent interview with CNN, the Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Ihor Zhovka, urged President Biden to be fearless and enter the country of Ukraine himself to meet with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy if he is brave enough.

It all happened when Zhovka stated, “If NATO is not able to provide us with a humanitarian no-fly zone, please provide us with fighter jets, please provide us with anti-missile air defense systems. So, my president will keep doing this. He spoke about this in the U.S. Congress. He’s talking about this on a daily basis.”

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer then asked about the upcoming NATO meeting. “Will he try to meet, though, in person with President Biden when President Biden is in Europe next week?” Blitzer asked.


Zhovka then talked about how Biden should be fearless and come to Ukraine himself like three other other foreign leaders did.

“Well, you know, just this week, three prime ministers of three friendly nations – Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia – visited, personally, Kiev, and they met personally with President Zelensky. So why doesn’t President Biden come to Ukraine to meet with the president?” Zhovka asked.

“That would be pretty dangerous though, don’t you think?” Blitzer responded.

Zhovak replied, “Well, definitely it is dangerous when you have a war against my country, a war in Europe. So, one should not be afraid to – if you are brave.