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Biden Forced To Address His Mental Health


Everyone knows Biden has health related problems and they can’t keep covering it up.

In addressing concerns about President Biden’s mental acuity, Quentin Fulks, the principal deputy campaign manager, emphasized that the focus of the upcoming 2024 election should not revolve around age but rather on results and leadership.

During an interview on ABC’s “This Week” with Martha Raddatz, Fulks shockingly asserted that age equates to wisdom, results, and experience. He credited President Biden, due to his age, with bringing people together across party lines to achieve tangible outcomes for the American people, such as the historic bipartisan infrastructure bill, job creation efforts, and addressing inflation.


Fulks underscored that the essence of the election should center on freedom and democracy, with Democrats, under President Biden’s leadership, advocating for more freedom. In contrast, he argued that Republicans aim to reverse these advancements.

Despite a recent ABC News/Ipso poll indicating a rise in concerns about Biden’s mental sharpness, Fulks remained steadfast in steering the narrative away from age-related discussions, asserting that the election’s core issues are broader and pertain to fundamental values.

The context for this debate emerged after former President Trump, during a New Hampshire campaign rally, made reference to allegations about Nancy Pelosi, leading to a mix-up involving Nikki Haley. Trump, who is just about four years younger than Biden, contested the significance of age, expressing confidence in the strength of his own mind compared to 25 years ago. The ongoing discourse on Biden’s mental sharpness involves both conservative and Democratic voices, highlighting the multifaceted nature of the discussion surrounding the upcoming election.