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Biden Blames MAGA Republicans For What?


Biden is spreading more lies.

On Friday, President Biden praised the March jobs report which indicated that the U.S. economy had gained 236,000 jobs. Additionally, he expressed concern that the Republicans in Congress could potentially damage the economy.

Biden has brought this country to its knees and he’s still confidently standing at the podium and is blaming Republicans. It’s insane.

In transcript provided by The Hill, Biden shockingly stated, “Extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress, on the other hand, are threatening to wreak havoc on our economy with debt limit brinkmanship.”

President Biden went on claim that Republicans’ “extreme agenda would send the unprecedented investments we’ve made here in America – along with the jobs that come with it – overseas. And it’s all to pay for even more giveaways to the wealthiest Americans and largest corporations.” 


According to the report released on Friday, despite the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes, the unemployment rate fell to 3.5 percent, indicating a stable labor market. The analysts had predicted the addition of 238,000 jobs and the unemployment rate remaining constant at 3.6 percent.

“This is a good jobs report for hard-working Americans,” Biden bragged.

In addition to highlighting the need for further efforts, the President referred to his and his administration’s recent manufacturing tour. The tour included visits by officials to states such as Georgia, Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

Biden has been leveraging his budget proposal to criticize Republicans and has consistently denounced a budget proposal put forth by a conservative group, the Freedom Caucus. The group is advocating for the limitation of discretionary funding for fiscal year 2024 at the same level as 2022, while retaining current defense funding, with the objective of balancing the federal budget within a decade.