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CNN Calls Biden A Liar


This was surprising to see!

In a rare move, CNN’s Don Lemon threw President Biden under the bus and openly called him out for a lie that he has regularly been pushing in front of cameras.

President Biden has been accusing the inflation crisis solely on Russian President Vladimir Putin in an attempt to take the blame off of himself. However, Lemon decided to be honest for once and said that inflation was already a problem long before Russia’s invasion began.


In transcript provided by Breitbart, Lemon stated, “Despite what President Biden says, inflation was a major concern way before Putin’s invasion.

Lemon later pointed out, “Gas prices are up more than 18% last month, alone. Even when you strip out the more volatile food and energy categories, prices still rose 6.5%…over last year, which is the biggest jump since August of 1982. Food costs are up 8.8% from last year. Used cars are up more than 35%. Of course, unemployment is low at just 3.6%. Wages are rising. But it’s hard for people to enjoy the gains when they are paying so much for food and gas prices. It’s wiping out the raises or the cost of living increases or whatever it is.”

Maybe Lemon and the others at CNN should have thought about all of this before they decided to take Donald Trump public enemy number one and help get President Biden elected.