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Democrat Curses Out Biden


This is shocking!

In a surprising turn of events, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin was reported to be “livid” with how President Biden has decided to manipulate the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) that was passed only because of Manchin’s support.

According to Fox, after months of negotiation and conversations, Manchin finally accepted the President Biden’s promises but apparently Manchin now feels lied to about how the Biden administration is implementing the Inflation Reduction Act.

In a shocking new statement, Manchin attacked his own party for using the IRA to fight climate change instead of using it to do what he was promised which was to produce “energy securing measures.” 

Manchin referred to what the Biden and the Democrats did as complete “bulls***”  and accused them of trying to “starve” Americans “out of energy.”


“I’ve been raising hell,” Manchin reportedly said after discovering the sneaky games President Biden and his own party have been playing behind his back.

Manchin is furious with how the Biden administration now wants to implement the IRA’s EV tax credits. Manchin explained, “They almost act like they gotta send $7,500 or a person won’t buy a car. Which is crazy, ludicrous thinking for the federal government.”

“I just totally and absolutely am disagreeing with what they’re doing,” Manchin added.

Republicans knew the Democrats would do this and warned Manchin beforehand however it appears that they successfully tricked Manchin and now the taxpayers have to suffer.