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Democrats Help Illegals Win, Americans Lose


This is so insane and twisted.

President Biden continues to grapple with a persistent border crisis in Texas, prompting the state to reinforce its defenses through the implementation of new laws. One prominent measure is Senate Bill 4 (SB4), anticipated to be approved by Republican Governor Greg Abbott following its passage in Texas’ fourth special session.

SB4 represents a significant legislative initiative aimed at addressing illegal immigration. It grants state and local authorities the authority to arrest and return would-be migrants to Mexico if they enter Texas outside official border crossings. This legislative response reflects the escalating concerns of Texas lawmakers regarding the severity of the ongoing border crisis.

Additionally, the law mandates state judges to order convicted individuals who illegally crossed into Texas under this new statute to return to Mexico after serving their sentences. The severity of penalties varies from misdemeanors to felonies based on compliance and additional offenses.

However, certain Texas Democrats have raised objections to the bill, engaging in what appears to be a strategic effort to oppose it. State Representative Victoria Neave Criado and Congressman Joaquin Castro, both Democrats, have expressed concerns about potential citizenship challenges and contested documentation, utilizing rhetoric that some view as fear-mongering.


Castro goes further, likening SB4 to Arizona’s SB1070, passed in 2010 and partially struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2012. He plans to urge the Biden administration to challenge Texas in court, asserting that immigration law falls solely within federal jurisdiction.

Apart from legislative and judicial opposition, Democrats in Texas have acknowledged collaborating with Mexican government officials to navigate around the new legislation. Despite comparisons to Arizona’s law, SB4 differs significantly in its narrow focus on the arrest and removal of illegal aliens based on probable cause.

Nevertheless, a faction of Texas Democrats, including officials from Harris, Travis, and El Paso Counties, argues that SB4 is unconstitutional, emphasizing the federal government’s exclusive authority over immigration law. Their concerns extend to potential harm to U.S.-Mexico relations and civil rights violations, referencing the Supreme Court’s ruling in Arizona v. U.S.

The Mexican government vehemently rejects SB4, citing human rights violations against Mexican immigrants in Texas and asserting its right to establish immigration policies. The government’s stance is noteworthy, given that a considerable number of immigrants at the Texas-Mexico border originate from various regions worldwide.

Critics argue that the Mexican government, aligned with criminal cartels, aims to profit by facilitating the movement of people across the U.S. border without resistance from Texas or the Biden administration. Furthermore, Mexico’s interference in American elections to shape desired policies has become increasingly apparent, exemplified by President López Obrador’s “information campaign” against certain Republican figures, revealing an open alliance between some Texas Democrats and the criminal cartel-government amalgam that plagues Mexico and poses challenges to the United States.