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Democrats Caught Sabotaging Social Security


Biden is a liar.

During his recent State of the Union speech, President Biden sparked outrage after he attempted to accuse Republicans of trying to cut back on social security and medicare benefits for seniors.

Now it appears that Republican Senator Rick Scott who Democrats including President Biden are accusing of being the top Republican who wants to repeal social security and medicare benefits went on CNN to clear the air and things got intense.

According to The Hill, Senator Scott went to war with CNN’s Kaitlin Collins about a number of important issues that mainstream media purposely chooses to ignore.

Scott came out of the gate swinging and schooled Collins saying, “Let’s remember, just a few months ago all Democrats voted and Joe Biden signed a bill to cut $280 billion out of Medicare.”

Scott was talking about a plan within the Inflation Reduction Act which mandates that less Medicare money be spent on prescription drugs.


Collins fired back at Scott, “That’s not true senator. Reducing drug spending is not cutting benefits to Medicare.” 

Scott then singled out CNN’s Jake Tapper who attempted to say in the past that Medicaid reforms which were pushed during Trump’s presidency by Republicans which the left referred to as “cuts”. Scott claimed that CNN was holding Trump to a different standard than they hold to Biden.

“Is it a cut when Republicans do it but not a cut when Democrats propose savings?” Scott questioned.

Collins then tried to change the subject. Collins then added, “Everyone else has said that is not true. It’s been fact-checked multiple times and they say that’s not true.”  

“What they did last fall is going to reduce life-saving drugs,” Scott fired back.

Later on Scott jumped onto Twitter and openly called out President Biden and wrote, “Since you can’t stop talking about me and lying to Floridians about Social Security and Medicare, I’m sure you’ll accept my invitation to debate the issue. You pick the time and place.”