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Democrats Sue Who For Surging Crime?

Democrats will blame everyone but themselves.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is under fire for initiating legal action against Kia and Hyundai, alleging that they produced vehicles lacking adequate anti-theft features, contributing to a surge in car-related crimes.

Apparently Mayor Johnson cannot fathom why crime is surging in the deep-blue city of Chicago and is instead blaming automakers!

According to Fox, even Democratic Alderman Raymond Lopez ridiculed Johnson’s lawsuit on the show “Fox & Friends,” characterizing it as a move from a socialist playbook, while crime continues to plague the streets of Chicago.

Lopez criticized Johnson’s stance, stating that the city’s crime issue is being unfairly attributed to the vehicles themselves rather than addressing the criminal activity on the streets. He highlighted statistics showing a substantial increase in car thefts, attributing this rise to the city’s policies that seem to prioritize criminals over law-abiding citizens.

In response to the lawsuit, Johnson’s office alleged that both car manufacturers neglected to incorporate industry-standard engine immobilizers in several vehicle models, which led to a significant uptick in criminal activity. The lawsuit asserted that these companies omitted crucial anti-theft technology from their U.S. cars between 2011 and 2022, while simultaneously misleading customers about the presence of advanced safety features.

Mayor Johnson emphasized the negative impact of car theft on Chicago residents, particularly those with limited transportation options and financial resources. He deemed the automakers’ failure to implement basic auto-theft prevention technology as negligence, resulting in an escalating crime wave centered around automobile theft.

Lopez contested the mayor’s claims, suggesting that the increase in car thefts is primarily a consequence of the city’s lenient policies favoring criminals. He pointed out that rather than prosecuting repeat offenders, the city provided steering wheel column locks as a solution, while criminals continued to exploit stolen vehicles for various illegal activities.

According to the Chicago Police Department, car thefts in 2023 have surged by 104%. Hyundai responded to the issue by asserting that all their vehicles produced after November 2021 are equipped with engine immobilizers, highlighting their commitment to addressing the ongoing theft problem.

Lopez expressed concern about the direction Mayor Johnson’s leadership is taking, warning that Chicago might reach a tipping point due to these policies, drawing parallels to his predecessor Lori Lightfoot’s approach.