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Democrats Use Coronavirus Against Trump

This is just wrong.

These people are complete scum. The Democrats have proven once again that they will use anything to destroy Trump.

Today, according to Breitbart, Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) furiously demanded that President Trump cancel his rallies because she believes it would put Americans at risk of coronavirus.

Recently on MSNBC Speier said, Speier said, “I don’t think the president is capable of telling us the truth about the coronavirus. And I regret saying that. I think we have to rely on the scientists who are attempting to tell the truth even when they have to contradict the president. ”

Adding, “The fact that he is not willing to cancel his various rallies suggests that he is willing to place even his most ardent supporters at risk because we’re supposed to stay six feet away from other persons in order to mitigate the exchange of those viruses. I think that he is showing, unfortunately, why he is so ill-prepared to guide our country during this time of the crisis.”

Should President Trump cancel his rallies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…