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Fox News Bans Trump


This is insane!

The New York Times has just discovered that Fox News has not had former President Donald Trump on their network for more than 100 days. They are now alleging that this is Fox News’ strategy to eliminate Trump as major player in the GOP.

According to Newsmax, the last time Trump was on Fox was on April 13th when he appeared on “Hannity.” Trump hasn’t appeared on Fox News for so long that even he himself pointed out that his old friend “doesn’t seem to be paying him much attention anymore.”


The Times further noted that they believe this Fox’s strategy to shun him and “effectively displace him” from the news cycle and take his image as the leader of the GOP away from him.

These claims coincide with with rumors that the chairman of Fox’s parent company Rupert Murdoch and his son CEO Lachlan Murdoch have developed a strong distaste of Donald Trump following the 2020 presidential election.

What’s even worse is that Murdoch-owned newspapers the New York Post and The Wall Street Journal also published a hit piece against Trump and said that they no longer believe he has any business being in the White House.