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Governor Strips Guns From Americans

What a joke!

Just when Democrats couldn’t get anymore ridiculous, New York’s Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul shocked everyone when she foolishly claimed that Americans who bear arms for self-protection made “everyone else feel very unsafe.”

You can’t make this up folks.

According to Newsmax, Hochul’s comments came during a recent interview with CBS after the Supreme Court struck down the a New York law that had restrictions in place about carrying guns in public.

During her interview Hochul stated, “I say that makes everyone else feel very unsafe. We don’t know if you’re provoked, you know, you’re in a bar and someone looks at your girlfriend or your boyfriend the wrong way. There are so many triggers. If someone wants to have a legal gun, licensed protection in their home, that is their domain, they can do that, we’ve always allowed that, or for hunting and other purposes.”

She then said, “But to think someone would be able to do this on a subway, in a crowded, tense situation during rush hour? No, we have a right to protect our citizens, not take away your right to own, that’s fine, but where you take it and the ability to conceal it, that’s just going to make things so much more complicated for law enforcement and others.”