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Jan 6 Committee Caught Hiding Evidence

This is strange.

In a very strange turn of events, the shady January 6th Committee is now refusing to turn over evidence to the Justice Department who is asking to see the witness interviews.

Why are they not turning over the evidence? Is it because they know they are just holding a kangaroo court like former President Donald Trump said? Probably!

According to Fox, the Justice Department explained, “It is now readily apparent that the interviews the Select Committee conducted are not just potentially relevant to our overall criminal investigations, but are likely relevant to specific prosecutions that have already commenced. Given this overlap, it is critical that the Select Committee provide use with copies of the transcripts of all its witness interviews.”

They then said, “The Select Committee’s failure to grant the Department access to these transcripts complicates the Department’s ability to investigate and prosecute those who engaged in criminal conduct in relation to the January 6 attack on the Capitol.” 

Then Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson who is on the shady Jan. 6th Committee responded to the Department of Justice after refusing to turn over the evidence and said, “We’re not going to stop what we’re doing to share information that we’ve gotten so far with the Department of Justice. We have to do our work.”

“We will eventually cooperate with them. We have five more hearings to work through. We have a lot of other things to do,” he added.

Seems like they just want to do all of this for the primetime coverage to further smear Trump. Can you say kangaroo court?