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January 6 Committee Goes After Trump’s Money


The corruption continues.

A grand jury tasked with investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack and the events which unfolded after the 2020 presidential election is now trying to investigate former President Donald Trump’s Save America PAC.

This is yet another legal attack on former President Donald Trump in an attempt to destroy him and his 2024 presidential chances.

According to Forbes, the grand jury has just issued multiple subpoenas to “several individuals in recent weeks” by citing “anonymous sources” who claim to have knowledge of the situation. Wonder why the sources are anonymous.

The grand jury wants to know how Trump’s PAC conducted “fundraising activities” and how they spent and received their money. Can you say witch hunt?


Trump’s Save America PAC was created following the 2020 election and was able to raise $103.8 million.

The bogus House January 6 Committee is saying the Trump raised money by asking for donations to his “Official Election Defense Fund” which they are claiming Trump used to overturn the election.

Essentially, now the Jan. 6th group is trying to take Trump’s funding sources with bogus allegations. The liberal media is having field day with this.

They are also accusing Trump and his team of misusing the money and using it for other purposes including giving money to a group backing former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.