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VIDEO: Kamala Becoming Senile Like President Biden


There may be some screws loose in our vice president.

On Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris delivered another speech that lacked clarity and appeared repetitive. During the White House meeting with Mongolian Prime Minister Oyun-Erdene Luvsannamsrai, topics such as tourism, mineral trade, and space exploration were discussed. However, Harris seemed to struggle in expressing her points effectively.

According to Fox, one of the issues observed in Harris’s tenure as Vice President has been her tendency to use oddly worded and repetitive statements in public. This summit with the Mongolian Prime Minister was no exception.

Harris mentioned her and President Biden’s multiple visits to the Indo-Pacific and then delved into the topic of America’s plans to collaborate with Mongolia on space exploration. She stated, “Today, I am pleased to announce that the next steps in our work together will be about further expanding our partnership. In particular, we will discuss the work that we will do together to strengthen our space cooperation.”

She then touched on the idea of entering a new era and how strengthening space cooperation would be an essential part of their agenda, aiming to enhance economic prosperity and development for both nations.

Kamala kept repeating “space cooperation” over and over again which confused everyone.

This isn’t the first time Harris has faced criticism for her comments about space. In the past, she was ridiculed for awkwardly describing a space launch, which was perceived as patronizing.

Prime Minister Luvsannamsrai expressed gratitude for the hospitality extended to him by Harris. He praised Mongolia’s history, known for being the birthplace of Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Empire. He also commended America as Mongolia’s “North Star on our democratic journey” since Mongolia transitioned to a democracy in the 1990s.

Furthermore, Luvsannamsrai mentioned Mongolia’s intention to sign the Open Skies Agreement, aiming to facilitate direct flights and promote tourism, trade, business, and investment between the two nations.