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Kari Lake Warns Of Sinister Democrat Plot


This is a nightmare.

Kari Lake, the former GOP gubernatorial candidate in Arizona, slammed claims former President Donald Trump would be arrested on Tuesday (March 21), describing the potential Indictment as a “ludicrous” attempt to “derail” Trump’s 2024 bid.

The former gubernatorial candidate’s comments came in response to Trump’s assertions that the Manhattan District Attorney would be Indicting him on Tuesday in connection with the $130,000 hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels by Trump’s attorney at the time, Michael Cohen.

Cohen made the payment before the 2016 elections to persuade the adult film star not to go public with allegations she had an affair with Trump.

Lake’s defense of Trump is unsurprising given that many prominent Republicans called out an imminent indictment, but the former Gubernatorial candidate has also become a staunch Trump ally, remaining in his good graces since he helped her win the GOP primary.


The Arizona Republican has gone as far as repeating Trump’s most infamous claims, including Arizona’s Gubernatorial election was stolen, despite her opponent, Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs, winning by more than 17,000 votes.

Lake has even followed Trump’s lead by filing several lawsuits to attempt to overturn the election.

In a lengthy statement, Lake reiterated many of Trump’s claims that the Manhattan District Attorney was politically motivated in his prosecution of Trump, noting that such a move was “something you’d expect in third-world Banana Republics.”

Lake added that Americans should be scared that such politics were coming to the U.S., continuing that “the radical left and their willing sycophants in the media… put President Donald Trump through absolute hell.”