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Lawmakers Nearly Come To Blows

Things got ugly fast.

Congressman Thomas Massie, a Republican from Kentucky, engaged in a heated argument with Congressman Jamaal Bowman, a Democrat from New York, in the corridors of the Capitol Building. The dispute erupted after Representative Bowman accused the Republicans of being “cowards” for failing to endorse gun control measures following the recent school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to Fox, amidst a gathering of journalists and while other legislators were passing by, Bowman was delivering a sermon criticizing the Republicans for their perceived lack of bravery. He alleged that the Republicans had no regard for the six individuals who lost their lives in the recent Nashville school shooting.

“What are they doing about it? Nothing. They don’t have the courage. They’re cowards,” Bowman shouted. “Three 9-year-olds. Are they going to those funerals? No!”

As lawmakers streamed into an adjacent room, Bowman kept haranguing for over a minute. Massie was en route to that room when he halted and confronted Bowman.

“You know there’s never been a shooting at a school that allows teachers to carry?” Massie fired back.

“More guns? More guns leads to more death,” Bowman screamed.

Despite the intervention of another legislator who attempted to pacify the Democrat, Bowman persisted in shouting. Massie also kept speaking simultaneously, and the two engaged in a heated exchange for over a minute.