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McCarthy Loses House Speaker Role


Here’s what happened…

While Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has not lost his chance to become the next House Speaker, he is now officially on a very tight time crunch which could risk his chances of becoming the next Speaker and replacing Nancy Pelosi.

According to The Hill, several members of Congress left Washington D.C. on Friday and a group of House Republicans disapproved of Kevin McCarthy becoming the next House Speaker.

This issue has now reached a critical point for McCarthy since the official House Speaker vote is on January 3rd.


When asked about the possibility of him losing the House Speaker role, McCarthy made light of issue and said he was looking forward to celebrating Christmas with his family.

So far, five House Republicans have come out and said that they will not vote for making McCarthy the next House Speaker and others have declined to comments on the matter.

Starting in January, Republicans will take control of the House with 222 seats to 212 for Democrats along with a single vacancy. As for right now McCarthy only needs 218 votes however it is unclear if he will get it.

Republican House Minority Whip Steve Scalise showed support for McCarthy and said, “Kevin’s going to get there, and he’s going to have a lot of meetings with members to make sure that we get this result on January 3.”