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McConnell Calls Obama Shameful


Wow! Did McConnell finally grow a spine?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) criticized former President Obama’s recent comments on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. During a Senate floor speech, McConnell pointed out the varying perspectives within left-wing politics regarding the conflict, describing it as a “lively public debate within itself on how to distinguish between indiscriminate violence and legitimate self-defense.”

According to The Hill, McConnell also mentioned an incident where a radical House Democrat called for the elimination of the Jewish state and tried to justify it as “peaceful coexistence.” He highlighted the problematic nature of this statement, suggesting that peace can only exist if Jews vacate Israel.

Turning his attention to Obama, McConnell expressed his concern about the former president’s comments, accusing him of endorsing a “shameful moral equivalence” that is becoming more prevalent on the left.

Regarding Obama’s recent remarks, McConnell referenced the former president’s statement as shameful in which he expressed concern about violence in Palestine and the alleged Israeli occupation of Gaza. McConnell clarified that since 2007, Hamas, not Israel, has controlled Gaza. He also disputed the notion that everyone is complicit to some degree, asserting that responsibility lies with the terrorists.


McConnell also recalled Obama’s foreign policy record in the Middle East, suggesting that Obama did not question the country’s efforts to combat terrorism in the region during his tenure.

This comes as Obama made recent comments on the Israel-Palestine conflict during an appearance on the “Pod Save America” podcast. He stated that “nobody’s hands are clean” and emphasized the need to confront the whole truth to address the issue.

House Democrats had previously accused President Biden of supporting the genocide of Palestinian people, leading to a divided opinion within the Democratic party.

The conflict between Palestine and Israel, which has now entered its fourth week, started with a surprise attack by the militant group that resulted in casualties in Israel and hostages taken. In response, Israel launched airstrikes and a ground invasion in Gaza, resulting in a significant loss of life.