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McConnell’s Political Career Over


McConnell’s popularity is dwindling.

Former President Donald Trump has once again attacked Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell due to his poor leadership and has called upon other Republicans in Congress to boot him from the party.

In transcript provided by Newsmax, Trump slammed McConnell and said, “The party is furious with him. We have to put up with him for a period of time, but eventually, he’ll be gone.”

“He’ll be gone. He’s bad news,” Trump then doubled down.


“Who would’ve known that he turned out so bad?” Trump later added. “He’s not good and we’re going to go through him. And then we’ll have to do something later on. We’ll have to do something with him. You know, he raises money, and he hands it out to senators, and that’s how he keeps his power.”

Trump then stated, “He’s such a negative for the party. He’s a guy that — I’m embarrassed to tell you — he was losing to somebody named Amy McGrath in Kentucky. I did very well in Kentucky as you know, by a lot.”

McConnell has raised large about of money for the Republican party however he has crossed Trump a number of times and even working against the benefit of the GOP. McConnell has made it abundantly clear that he believes his interests outweigh the interests of the Republican Party.