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Media Says DeSantis Sabotaging Trump

Is the media trying to divide the GOP?

It looks like the liberal mainstream media is trying to instigate a fight between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump!

Business Insider and other left-leaning news organizations are now claiming that DeSantis is hoping that the Jan 6 hearings make it possible for getting Trump indicted which would clear a path for DeSantis to run for president in 2024.

One Republican consultant explained to Politico, “That’s where his head is at. He thinks the goal here is to get main justice to go after him. That’s what Ron thinks this is all about.”

DeSantis on the other hand has completely denounced these rumors and said, “The hearings are a total circus meant to distract from Biden’s failures. Quoting unnamed sources to detail the Governor’s thinking when he has clearly stated that this is a farce is a predictable tactic from POLITICO and the corporate media. This is another embarrassing effort to distract from Democrat failures.” 

It appears that not only is the mainstream media working on behalf of the Democrats, they are also trying their best to float rumors and conspiracy theories in an attempt to divide the Republican party.