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MSNBC Officially Breaks, Asks If Democrats Should Give Up!

MSNBC Officially Breaks, Asks If Democrats Should Give Up!


WOW! It’s finally happened…

These liberals have officially gone so far left that they have completely self destructed and its amazing!

According to the Washington Examiner, MSNBC host Chris Matthews is now wondering the if the Democrats are better off with four more years of Trump rather than having communist Bernie Sanders as our president!

I’m wondering whether the Democratic moderates want Bernie Sanders to be president,” Matthews stated. “That’s maybe too exciting a question to raise. They don’t like Trump at all. Do they want Bernie Sanders to take over the Democratic Party in perpetuity? I mean, he takes it over, he sets the direction of the future of the party — maybe they’d rather wait four years and put in a Democrat that they like.”

“I mean, that’s the big question, right?” Adrienne Elrod replied. “And you know, the narrative that you’re starting to see play out, Chris, is that there are people that are concerned, strategists that are concerned that Bernie Sanders being at the top of the ticket will force us to lose the House. I don’t necessarily think that’s the case.”


Talk about shocking! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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