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VIDEO: Obama Publicly Disrespects Trump


Obama always playing games.

As most people already know, former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama waddled their way back into the White House on Wednesday to unveil their tacky official portraits.

But now it appears that while there Obama likely took a jab at former President Donald Trump who refused to allow the Obamas entry to the White House when he was in power.

According to Newsone, Obama attempted to be funny by making a series of jokes and at one point jokingly said, “It is good to be back” later saying, “We’ll try not to tear up the place.”


Rumors quickly spread the Obama was referencing the terrible raid which took place on former President Donald Trump’s home where FBI agents ransacked Mar-a-Lago and left it in shambles. Trump suggested that the FBI left his home in a “mess.”

Obama could have also been joking about the Jan. 6 Committee testimony where witness Cassidy Hutchinson testified and claimed that Trump threw food in the White House during a fit of rage.