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Republicans Lose Control Of The House?


This cannot happen.

Rep. Nancy Mace, a Republican from South Carolina, expressed her concerns about the potential impeachment of President Biden. She pointed out that discussing impeachment could put the Republican majority in the House at risk in the 2024 elections, especially for those representing districts that President Biden won in 2020.

According to The Hill, Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, raised the idea of launching an impeachment inquiry into President Biden as part of the party’s efforts to investigate the Biden family. However, some within the party have scrutinized this rhetoric, seeing it as an attempt by McCarthy to appease the conservative wing while facing challenges in achieving consensus on spending levels.


Mace clarified the difference between an “impeachment inquiry” and an actual “impeachment vote.” She agreed with McCarthy’s approach and stressed the need to be cautious about the impact of such proceedings on moderate members representing Biden-won districts. Additionally, Mace acknowledged that issues like abortion could also pose risks for these members.

Despite the risks, Mace emphasized the importance of proceeding with investigations into the Bidens based on evidence. She urged the party not to repeat the perceived politicization of the impeachment process by former Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the impeachment trials of former President Trump. Mace advocated for presenting overwhelming and undeniable evidence if moving forward with any impeachment proceedings and utilizing every available tool to hold people accountable, ensuring transparency for the American people.