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SAD: Biden Caught Begging Enemy For Help

SAD: Biden Caught Begging Enemy For Help


This is our president folks.

In a shocking confession that President Joe Biden likely didn’t want the rest of America to find out about, it now appears that Biden has been begging Taliban leaders not to harm any of the Americans trying to flee Afghanistan!

In a recent interview with “Face the Nation,” Secretary of State Tony Blinken pathetically admitted that Biden has to beg the Taliban to ensure the safety of Americans. This would have never happened under Trump’s watch!

In transcript provided by Trending Politics, Blinken was asked by host Major Garrett, “The president said that we have an agreement with the Taliban. Mr. Secretary, that implies that we are negotiating with them. Does that not already confer upon them legitimacy?”

“No,” Blinken said and he tried to do damage control. “No, we’ve had for a long time contact with the Taliban, both at a political level, in Doha, going back, going back some years, as well as now on the ground, in Kabul, a working relationship in order to de-conflict, in order to work through any problems with people getting to the airport.”

“That’s been very important to making sure that we can actually advance our own interests in getting people out safely, and as effectively as posssible,” Blinken continued. “So, that’s the nature of the relationship.”


Garret didn’t back down and asked again, “Some in our audience might listen to you, Mr. Secretary, and say, ‘Oh, so we have to ask the Taliban’s permission for Americans to leave’. True or not true?

They, they are in control of Kabul,” Blinken was forced to say. “That is the reality. That’s the reality that we have to deal with.”


If we thought Biden’s presidency was going to be a rough four years, we were wrong. It’s actually a monument catastrophe!

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Image credit: Deccan Herald