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VIDEO: The Squad Threatens Biden

The squad is now pushing their demands on President Biden.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat from Washington, expressed concerns to President Biden about the potential impact of his response to the conflict between Israel and Palestine on the votes of U.S. Muslims.

Jayapal conveyed these worries during an appearance on “Meet the Press” with host Kristen Welker on a Sunday morning.

When asked about whether Biden’s handling of the conflict might affect his 2024 presidential election prospects, Jayapal emphasized her support for the President on domestic issues but demanded him to show similar courage on this matter to maintain unity in the country.

She claimed that President Biden would face challenges in explaining the moral significance of this issue to the American people, as many Americans hold a different perspective on Israel and Gaza compared to the President and the majority of Congress.

In transcript provided by Fox, Jayapal explained, “The American people are actually quite far away from where the president and even the majority of Congress has been on Israel and Gaza.”

While Americans generally support Israel’s right to self-defense and its existence, they do not endorse a situation where one war crime is perceived as exchanged for another. Jayapal concluded by calling on President Biden to take the country to a higher moral ground in his approach to the conflict.