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Trump Says Biden Did What?


America needs better.

President Biden’s approval rating is in the gutter. Along with his approval rating, Biden has also managed drag the entire United States down with him as well and Republicans aren’t happy.

According to Newsmax, former President Donald Trump unloaded on President Biden and admitted that Biden has destroyed the United States and turned it into a “beggar nation” during a recent speech at the Turning Point Action Summit.

Trump stated, “Now we are a beggar nation. We are a beggar nation, with Biden down on his knees pleading for energy from all over the globe – going to Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, going to countries all over the globe asking for help.”


Trump then said, “and we have more liquid gold under our feet than all of these other countries that you hear about and that they talk about all the time. We have more liquid gold than they do. Can you imagine this?”

Later on during his speech Trump talked about how young voters are ditching the Democrats, “Given Joe Biden’s atrocious record, it’s no wonder that young people are deserting them, and the Democrats, they’re deserting them in droves. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it.”

“Not only young people, by the way, but Hispanics. Look at the Hispanic population, African Americans, Asian Americans.”

Trump then said, “their extreme ideology has nothing to offer the next generation.”