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Trump Pinned With Criminal Charges?

Trump’s legal problems just won’t end.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden signaled to Democrats and the mainstream media to do everything in their power to destroy Donald Trump and they are still at it.

According to The Guardian, Donald Trump has been informed by prosecutors that he may be subject to criminal charges for his involvement in a hush money payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Four anonymous sources cited by the New York Times reported that the Manhattan district attorney’s office has extended an invitation to the former president to testify before the grand jury that has been reviewing evidence in a potential case. The testimony is scheduled for next week.

There is a likelihood that Trump will reject the invitation, but the fact that Alvin Bragg, the district attorney, made the offer suggests the seriousness of the situation. Trump is in danger of being the first former US president to face indictment.

This is exactly what the Democrats want. They want to back Trump into the corner using legal battles in an attempt to prevent him running again in 2024 however the Republican voter base is still standing firmly behind him.

A representative for Trump dismissed the district attorney’s potential indictment as “utterly absurd.” The spokesperson also added that the DA’s office has been conducting a fruitless, politically motivated investigation into Trump’s life for the last five years.