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VIDEO: Trump Family Attacks DeSantis


Could this be true?

While the American people are sadly forced to consumer every rumor and piece of trash the mainstream media is able to shovel our way, it’s important to understand that every piece of information that they provide us must be taken with a bit of skepticism.

Now the Rolling Stones is claiming that former President Donald Trump and his family have been secretly complaining that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is “stealing” his style and personality.

The Rolling Stones even went further and claimed that “three unnamed sources” who are close to Trump said that he is claiming about DeSantis stealing the former President’s style. Many conservative believe this is yet another attack by the mainstream media to divide the Republican Party.

“There was this time, maybe a year ago, that I remember him making fun of [DeSantis] for doing similar hand gestures and motions,” one unnamed individual told the Rolling Stones. “He called it ‘stealing’ from him and [to paraphrase] described it as a lame impression of Trump.”


They added that Donald Trump Jr. has even noticed that DeSantis is allegedly stealing Trump’s style. The media is claiming that Trump Jr. has told people in his inner circle that he has noticed DeSantis mimicking their father.

GOP Donor and chief executive at Canary Dan Eberhart explained, “DeSantis certainly mimics Trump’s style, rhetoric, and body language. Desantis’ bombastic style seems to be ripped straight out of a Donald Trump style guide. Trump proved that Republican voters want a fighter, and Desantis aims to deliver.”

They mainstream media has even created a video comparing both Trump and DeSantis:

Is DeSantis really stealing Trump’s style? In the video it can be seen that DeSantis is making hand gestures that are somewhat similar to Trump however they also compare how DeSantis and Trump holds a pen. Almost everyone in America holds a pen the same way and the mainstream media seems to be getting quite desperate in their attempt to divide the GOP.