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Trump Doubles Down On Fox News


Donald is very displeased.

Former President Donald Trump once again attacked mainstream media giant Fox News after they decided to downplay a new poll which shows that he has a double digit lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a 2024 Republican presidential primary match-up.

According to The Hill, the new Fox poll found that the Trump had a whopping 15 point lead against DeSantis. Fox then downplayed the new poll and attempted to not show their viewers what they discovered.

Trump fumed over Fox’s decision to “bury” the polling information and said that they were attempting to promote DeSantis “so hard and so much that there’s not much time left for Real News.”

Trump then said, “Reminds me of 2016 when they were pushing ‘JEB!’ The new Fox Poll, which have always been purposely terrible for me, has ‘TRUMP Crushing DeSanctimonious,’ but they barely show it. Isn’t there a big, beautiful, Network which wants to do well, and make a fortune besides? FAKE NEWS!”


This isn’t the first time Trump has attacked Fox News over their attempts to tarnish his name. Just last week Trump attacked them and said that they were a “RINO” news network. As you likely already know RINO stands for “Republican In Name Only”.

Fox News is the largest news network for Republicans. They are playing a very risky game by trying to sabotage Trump who the American people love and have loved for a very long time.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has a very long career ahead of him. He has the chance to run in 2028 or later and many Americans believe that this is Trump’s last chance to take back the White House.

What’s even worse is that U.S. tensions between major nations such as Russia and China continue to escalate. A lot of American believe that Donald Trump is the only man who can prevent World War III from happening and with 2 more years left of Biden’s presidency there is no telling what can happen.