Here’s what he had to say…

As many of you may already know, following his recent Republican National Convention speech liberals on the internet went WILD and accused the son of President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. of snorting cocaine just before going on stage.

Now according to the Gateway Pundit, a far-left leaning liberal commentator named Kyle Kulinski tried to make a joke and shared a picture of Kermit the frog snorting cocaine with the caption: “Trump Jr. Backstage #RNC2020”

Trump Jr. simply wasn’t going to have that and decided to wipe the smile off of liberals faces with a single sentence.

You must have me confused with Hunter Biden.”

Thanks to the mainstream media, many Americans don’t know this but Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden has had a very long and rough history of drug abuse.

In the past Hunter was allegedly caught returning a rental vehicle and accidentally forgetting his crack pipe in the car along with several forms of identification tying him to the crack pipe.

Many liberals lashed out at Trump Jr. on Twitter and accused him of making fun of drug addiction.

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