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BREAKING: Trump Forced To Sell What?


This is an insane idea and MAGA world hates it.

Chris Christie, a GOP presidential candidate and former New Jersey Gov., suggested that instead of using campaign funds, former President Trump should consider selling assets like Trump Tower to cover his legal fees. Christie expressed concern over the significant portion of money donated by middle-class Americans being used to pay for Trump’s legal expenses, despite Trump’s billionaire status. He pointed out that Trump could explore selling his plane or one of his golf courses to offset the costs.

According to Fox, Recent campaign finance disclosures revealed that Trump’s expenditures this year amounted to at least $42.8 million, with a substantial portion going towards legal expenses for himself, his aides, and allies. His political committees reportedly spent around $25 million on legal fees. The PAC “Save America” was expected to disclose about $40.2 million in legal spending, bringing the total post-presidential legal spending to about $56 million.


In response to the mounting legal bills, Trump’s allies are launching the Patriot Legal Defense Fund, aiming to support individuals or groups facing legal actions due to their involvement in the political process. The fund will be managed by Trump campaign senior advisers Susie Wiles and Michael Glassner.

Trump’s spokesperson, Steven Cheung, accused the Department of Justice and Special Counsel Jack Smith of targeting innocent Americans linked to Trump. He stated that the legal defense fund would aid in protecting these individuals from financial ruin caused by the actions of President Biden’s associates. The fund is an effort to help cover their legal fees and safeguard their livelihoods.

Overall, Chris Christie’s concern about campaign funds being used for Trump’s legal fees, and the introduction of the Patriot Legal Defense Fund by Trump’s allies, highlights the ongoing challenges Trump and his associates face regarding legal matters in various jurisdictions.