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Trump’s Warning Terrifies America

“This is not going to end well.”

On Saturday, Former President Trump condemned the ongoing situation, labeling it a “dark day” as Gaza terrorists prepared to release a second wave of hostages during a temporary truce with Israel.

Trump expressed dissatisfaction with the deal, highlighting the absence of any released American hostages in a post on Truth Social. He subtly criticized President Biden, suggesting that the lack of American hostages returned indicates a lack of respect for the country and its leadership.

Trump characterized the current state of affairs in the United States as a “very sad and dark period.”

Trump’s comments followed Gaza terror leaders releasing about two dozen hostages on Friday, the first batch of around 50 captives expected to be freed during the truce. Despite Biden’s statement that he anticipates some Americans held in Gaza to be released in the deal, Trump expressed skepticism about the outcome, citing Hamas’s demands for a better deal for hostages.

In a separate post, Trump predicted that the situation would not end well due to the evolving demands. He had previously suggested in an interview with Univision that the international community should allow the conflict to “play out,” asserting that the war shouldn’t have started. Despite his past support for Israel, his comments following the initial terror attack on Israel had raised questions, particularly for describing Iran-backed Hezbollah as “very smart” and criticizing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.