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Trump’s Lawyer Sets The Record Straight


About time someone said it.

During a Sunday interview, the lawyer of the ex-president Trump described the accusations against his client as a “rancid ham sandwich.”

In transcript provided by The Hill, Trump’s attorney Jim Trusty explained, “We should not have a criminal justice system that starts off with targeting people. It is an absurd situation that multiple prosecutors passed by this rancid ham sandwich of an indictment.”

Even prior to being officially arraigned in Manhattan last week, Trump and his advisors have been denouncing the case against him. The ex-president is confronting 34 felony charges regarding the alteration of business records, which originated from purported hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels and other individuals prior to the 2016 election.


Being the first ever sitting or former president to confront criminal accusations, Trump has openly criticized the robustness of the case and has initiated a vigorous assault against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is leading the prosecution. Trump’s legal team has replicated the critiques made by the district attorney.

“Alvin Bragg ran for office saying he’s the best guy to take out Donald Trump,” Trusty explained.

Publicly, Trump has denounced the judge in the case, claiming the judge’s impartiality is compromised. On social media, Donald Trump Jr. shared a photograph of the judge’s daughter, while Trump’s team has accused the judge’s family of having political inclinations and associations with the Democratic Party. However, Trusty asserted that the criticisms made against the judge were not intended to be personal.

Trusty explained, “It was pointing out that they have a bias, that they have a political interest that is contrary to President Trump’s. If there’s an actual legal basis for disqualification (of the judge), they’ll pursue it.”