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[Video] Pelosi Did What?

[Video] Pelosi Did What?


She knows everything is on the line now.

It’s not surprising that Democrats in Congress are having a full blown meltdown following the results in the 2021 election night after Republicans dominated several major races, the most significant being Republican Glenn Youngkin’s gubernatorial win in Virginia.

Moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, who has been giving Democrats who want to pass President Biden’s pricey spending bill a hard time, now has even more power and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows it!

Now, a new video has just surfaced of Speaker Pelosi moments after Democrats got spanked in the voting booths and she looks extremely upset!



Pelosi looks shell-shocked.

Things didn’t end there. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed Democrats and said that they received a “wake-up call” after losing so many races and it would now be “deaf to what the American public is expecting of them,” if they passed the reconciliation spending bill.

According to Newsmax, McCarthy said, “What it tells you is policy matters. Who you listen to and what you fight for matters … the wokeism, not listening to parents but listening to politicians; they have seen this coming.”