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New Allegations Against Herschel Walker


Here’s what happened…

A new complaint filed with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations asks whether or not Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker committed a felony by voting in recent Georgia elections while claiming a homestead exemption for one of his houses in Texas.

According to Yahoo, the complaint which was filed by Georgia resident Ann Gregory Roberts claims, “it appears that Walker was not a resident of Georgia for voting purposes when he registered to vote and voted. Any person who votes, or registers to vote, knowing that he or she is not eligible to do so is guilty of a felony.”

As you know, Herschel Walker is currently in a runoff election against Democrat Raphael Warnock. It is a very close race and both parties are fighting very hard to get their candidates elected.


This new charge against Walker claims that he is expected to receive a $1,500 tax credit on a house in Texas that is registered as his primary residence.

The complaint further explained, “Herschel Walker registered to vote in Georgia in 2021 and voted in the 2022 primary and general elections despite simultaneously claiming a homestead tax exemption in Tarrant County, Texas. To be eligible for a homestead exemption in Texas, a property must be owned and occupied as the owner’s principal residence.”

This is yet another attack on Herschel Walker by the Democrats to remove him from the runoff election by giving Warnock the win.