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Jen Psaki SHOCKS Americans With Latest Statement

You won’t believe what she said.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was under heavy pressure during a recent press conference about the current crisis in Afghanistan. Psaki stated that they will need to coordinate with the Taliban to evacuate the remaining U.S. citizens.

When asked about national security concerning the evacuations, she stated that there is a “stringent vetting process” which also includes background checks to ensure that there is no threat to the country. She also stated that the media should forward the government contact information on anyone who claims to be “trapped” in Afghanistan.

Later in the press conference Psaki suggested that some Americans could be left behind if they are not evacuated by the August 31st deadline.

A reporter asked, “Okay. Say after the withdrawal is done, it’s declared, it’s done, everyone’s out, if one U.S. citizen was suddenly discovered saying, “Hey, I really want to get out and I’m stuck,” who knows where, somewhere in Afghanistan or in Kabul, he’s got any problem, would this trigger a diplomatic, military, all hands on deck type thing to get to that person out, whatever the date?”

Psaki responded saying, “Again, we expect there could be some, but I’m not going to get into it further. Go ahead.”


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