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Biden Refuses To Answer THIS Question

Biden Refuses To Answer THIS Question


What is he trying to hide?

President Joe Biden walked out of a press conference after reporters started to question about the current situation in Afghanistan. This comes after multiple Democrats stated that the evacuation deadline of August 31st is unrealistic and is “very unlikely” to happen.

Biden stated that they are “on track” to evacuate all American citizens in the country by the deadline.

After the press conference Heritage vice president for national security and foreign policy James Carafano slammed Biden for failing to protect American citizens in the country.

“Unfortunately, President Biden’s ill-advised, politically motivated, and poorly executed Afghanistan withdrawal plan has jeopardized the safety of Americans abroad and at home,” Carafano said. “Even more sadly, the president has refused to extend the arbitrary Aug. 31 deadline he set as a withdrawal date for U.S. forces. In doing so, the president has condemned Americans, and Afghans who helped U.S. forces in Afghanistan, to torture and death.”