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Pelosi Secures Another House Speaker Term


Please God no.

As you all know, the midterm elections are just a few days away. Many people especially in Congress are speculating what Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is planning on doing after the midterms.

Now some people are beginning to think that she will REMAIN as the Speaker of the House if Democrats are able to maintain majority after the midterms.

According to The Hill, 82-year-old dinosaur Nancy Pelosi had originally promised the American people that this would be her last term as House Speaker.

Now, Democrats have an almost absolute guarantee that they will lose the House this midterms. However one very exceptional talent that Nancy Pelosi has is fundraising. If Pelosi can somehow help the Democrats maintain control of the House she could very easily be the next House Speaker again.


Wisconsin Democrat Rep. Ron Kind simply explained, “If she wins, she stays.”

“If she doesn’t, I think there will be a serious discussion as far as what succession looks like then,” Rep. Kind later added.

Some Democrats such as Rep. Dean Phillips on the other hand want Pelosi out. Phillips stated, “It’s time for generational diversity in our senior leadership ranks, both in the executive branch, and the legislative branch.”

Whatever happens in the midterms remember one thing. There is a very real chance that Nancy Pelosi can once again be the House Speaker if they Democrats win the House.