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Top Democrat Caught Red-Handed


The lying never stops for these Democrats.

Once failed Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams erupted on Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp after he unveiled ads earlier this week calling her out for trying to “Defund the Police” at the height of civil unrest in the United States.

According to Fox, Abrams erupted in anger and defended herself by saying, “I do not and never have supported efforts to defund the police.”

Abrams thinks that the American public will forget everything she did when tensions were highest across the United States.

Abrams then said, “But unlike my opponent, who has called base pay for law enforcement officers ‘bad policy,’ I firmly believe that we must invest in law enforcement to ensure that no one is working in public safety without just compensation — while also working to improve accountability and build trust within our communities.”


Abrams is now aggressively claiming that she defended law enforcement throughout her political career and Americans just aren’t buying her lies.

In an ad, Abrams stated, “Brian Kemp wants you to be afraid of me. Why? Because he thinks it will distract Georgians from the truth. As a legislator, I worked with the [Georgia Bureau of Investigations], with the Sheriff’s Association, and with our police departments to ensure that they had the resources, the training, and the support they needed.”

“I will support law enforcement. And law enforcement agrees. Brian Kemp wants to bash me for my honesty and lie about my record, but my parents taught me to tell the whole story, and that’s the truth,” she went on to say.

Abrams is saying she supports law enforcement, but will she truly support them if she ultimately becomes the governor of Georgia? Seems unlikely.