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Cheney Voted Out



If you disliked Republican traitor Liz Cheney, we have some good news for you.

It now appears that Republican Rep. Liz Cheney is behind her Trump-endorsed Republican opponent Harriet Hageman by a whopping 22% in the polls.

According to Fox, 52% of primary voters in Wyoming have admitted that they intend to vote for Hageman and only 30% said they support Cheney.


Trump endorsed Hageman out of a number of other Republicans who wanted to unseat Cheney for a number of things she has done to disrupt the Republican Party.

The same poll also found that most voters disagree with Liz Cheney’s actions and the fact that she chose to serve on the Jan. 6 Committee (63%).

Cheney has been begging Democrats in Wyoming to vote for her so she can remain in power and it would be a miracle if they pulled this dirty tactic off for her successfully. Hageman referred to Cheney’s actions of going to Democrats for votes as “desperate” and a pathetic attempt to¬†“hold on to power.”

Former President Donald Trump has made it his mission to ensure that Liz Cheney is booted from the Republican Party and now he is one step closer to doing so.