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Biden’s 2024 Challenger


Bye bye Biden!

While most of America already knows that President Biden is a lame duck and will possibly step down by 2024, one Democrats is already stepping forward and looking to challenge Biden in 2024 for the presidency.

According to Newsweek, political activist Jerome Segal announced that he running to earn the Democratic nomination and replace President Biden who is wildly unpopular.

Segal’s campaign will focus on job security here in the United States and peace in the Middle East.


When announcing his run, Segal stated, “I was planning to delay the announcement of my candidacy until after the mid-term elections. My decision to go public right now was triggered by Joe Biden’s embarrassing trip to the Middle East.”

Segal also called out Biden for fist bumping “a psychopathic killer” referring to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who ordered the death of Jamal Khashoggi.

While it is unlikely that Segal will actually earn the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2024 over President Biden, it is interesting to see that Democrats already smell blood in the water and are looking to replace Biden.

Don’t be surprised when more Democrats come out looking to take Biden’s spot.