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Democrats Throw Biden Under The Bus

The tides are turning against Biden.

Representative Dean Phillips, a Democrat from Minnesota, expressed his view that anyone interested in challenging President Biden for the 2024 Democratic primary nomination should seize the opportunity. Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” he conveyed his admiration for Biden while advocating for a transition of leadership to new figures.

According to Fox, Phillips indicated his preference for a moderate governor, ideally from the heartland region and one of the key states pivotal for Democrats. He emphasized that the existence of primaries allows individuals such as Joe Manchin and Cornel West to run without undermining the party’s chances of reclaiming the White House.

On a different perspective, Lisa Boothe from Fox News contended that Democrats might wish to replace Biden, but they recognize the potential predicament of having Vice President Kamala Harris as the alternative. Boothe cited polling data revealing a considerable percentage of Democrats seeking a different nominee for 2024. She highlighted the challenge for the party to navigate this situation, especially given Harris’s relatively low popularity ratings.

Boothe also noted the Democratic Party’s aversion to supporting a third-party candidacy, as it could jeopardize their prospects in the upcoming election.

Joe Concha, a co-host, criticized the idea of a member of Biden’s own party challenging him for the nomination, emphasizing that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had already declared that Biden would not participate in debates. Concha highlighted the notion that contemporary elections often involve voting against candidates rather than supporting them, which he believed the Democrats were banking on.

To illustrate voter sentiment, examples were provided. Donnia, a 62-year-old Independent from Illinois, clarified that her vote was more against Trump than for Biden. Claudia, a 28-year-old Independent from Florida, admitted to voting for Biden in 2020 due to considering him the better option between two unfavorable choices.