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Proof: Obama Jealous Of Biden

Why would anybody be jealous of Biden?

In a shocking turn of events, a soon to be released book by New York Times reporters is now claiming that there has been massive tension between former President Barack Obama and current President Joe Biden.

The book also explained how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that Obama was jealous of President Biden.

According to Fox News, in the upcoming book “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future” by Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin, it was explained that Obama had “complicated feelings” about Biden becoming the president.

The book alleges that Obama occasionally spoke to Biden over the phone and their relationship was “hardly the stuff of the tight brotherhood both men had sold to the country as a cheery political fable.”

The book then said, “Nancy Pelosi, who spoke regularly with the former president, came away from her conversations with Obama during this period with a matter-of-fact diagnosis. She told a friend: ‘Obama is jealous of Biden.'”


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