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Biden Loses Border War


Biden is likely furious.

A federal judge has just dealt a major blow to President Biden and has temporarily blocked President Biden and his administration from lifting Title 42.

Title 42 allows for illegal border crossers to be expelled from the United States very quickly due to concerns of further spreading of COVID-19.


According to USA Today, after 21 Republican-led states filed a lawsuit against President Biden, U.S. District Judge Robert Summerhays has granted a temporary restraining which bans Biden from lifting Title 42.

After the decision, a statement said, “For the reasons stated on the record, the Court announced its intent to grant the motion. The parties will confer regarding the specific terms to be contained in the Temporary Restraining Order and attempt to reach agreement.”

After the decision was made, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt explained, “BREAKING NEWS: In a lawsuit originally filed by Missouri, Louisiana, and Arizona, our Office just obtained a temporary restraining order to keep Title 42 in place. This is a huge victory for border security, but the fight continues on.”