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McCarthy Cornered, Forced To Confess


Congress has more RINOs than you think.

As you already know, GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy was recently caught colluding with Republican traitor Liz Cheney to convince then-President Donald Trump to resign for his position.

McCarthy initially lied about the accusations however he was quickly proven wrong after secret audio was leaked of his conversation with Cheney.


According to Mediaite, one Fox News reporter caught up with McCarthy and asked him why he lied. Fox’s Bill Melugin asked McCarthy, “I want to switch gears a bit, you are looking to be Speaker again if Republicans win. And to that point, you know what’s out there, the New York Times has released audio of you, where days after January 6th you are on a call with House Republican leadership, and you are heard on the audio saying quote, you have had enough with President Trump and you would tell him to his face, it would be your belief he should resign. Do you still stand by those comments?”

McCarthy panicked and replied, “Look, I never told the president to resign… It was a conversation that we had about scenarios going forward. But that’s not really what critical what happened 15 months ago, what’s happening is what is happening on this border right now, our border is not secure. 160 different countries of people are coming across.”